New-type Quick Belt Splicing Vulcanizer

Introducing the good design idea from the products of European, American, Japanese companies and combining with practical operation on site, Australia BOYT Pty., Ltd. designed and manufactured new type belt splicing vulcanizer with unique technology innovation and solved the vulcanizing problems of heavy weight, uneven pressure, long splicing time.

Main features of the equipment:


This equipment adopts international advanced high pressure capsule pressurization technology. The pressurization is uniform and the equipment is light. The unique high pressure capsule pressurization method is the most advanced pressurization technology in the world.

Application scope:Vulcanization pressurization of various kinds of conveyor belts.

Performance features:

Capsule pressurization vulcanizer is light-weighted; the weight of it is 1/4 of the ordinary vulcanizer. And it has a long pressurization travel. The pressed area is uniform and the pressing strength is high. It has a high elasticity. There is no pressure on the 4 edges of the ordinary pressurizing plate, but the pressures on the 4 edges of the pressurizing plate of the capsule pressurization meets the requirement. The capsule pressurizing device can be used on upside and downside. And the pressure on capsule pressurizing vulcanizer is uniform. The quality of the belt splicing is high and the splicing surface is smooth. The capsule can be pressurized by water or air.

2.Sectionalized heating:

This equipment adopts international advanced sectionalized heating electric-heating plate. The heating is uniform and the equipment is easy to handle and place. The conveyor belt becomes wider, the belt splicing becomes longer nowadays. In many occasions, the conveyor belt vulcanizer needs to be carried manually to the field which is belt corridor type and other sites that  involve no hoisting equipment. The ordinary heating plate is too heavy to be carried through the narrow corridor of the field even by two men. So the difficulty of carrying heating plate makes belt splicing time longer and affects production. After adopting the all rubber capsule pressurization technology, the vulcanizer for the long-splicing wide belt can be designed into sectionalized type with the advantage of uniform pressure and heat. And the equipment is light enough for carrying in the field. That saves the working time and lower the labor intensity.

Application scope:

1.It is suitable for the belt whose splicing length is more than 1000mm.

2. Uniform heating: It adopts all-rubber capsule pressing plate and heating plate, the pressure on the joint seam is uniform.

3. Light and easy to handle: It can be used in belt corridor type site or other sites which involve no hoisting equipment.

4. It is light and easy to be adjusted in the sealing of conveyor belt splicing vulcanization.

5. Short splicing time: It is easy to be handled and adjusted, and that saves time.

3.Cooling technology:

This equipment adopts built-in rubber cooler. It is safe and light, and the cooling speed of it is very fast. The thermal insulation device and fast cooling device are combined together to shorten the splicing time of the conveyor belt, and also the belt splicing quality is significantly improved.

Features: Safe to operate,light-weighted,good thermal insulation effect, fast cooling down and shorten 50% splicing time

4. The machine frame adopts new type high strength built-in aluminum bar with built-in safety bolt and safety pin. This equipment is safe and convenient to use. Built-in pressing tightened bar is specially made for high pressure capsule pressurization technology, and it only needs to be tightened manually. It is very easy and convenient to use. The safety pin is designed for safety purpose; it can avoid the aluminum bar from hitting personnel or other object when it is pressurized.