Manual for Adsorptive Lubricant Filtration Device


Various oxides are generated in the lubricant of reducer when the lubricant is agitated by the motion of gears and contacting with oxygen and under the catalysis of the metal. Those oxides increase the viscosity of the lubricant and darken its color, causing increased acid value and sediments, an indication of weakened anti-foaming and antioxidation property which will result in corrosion of components, thus the lubricant oil must be replaced.

In view of the lubricant contamination problem of reducer, the portable Lubricant Filtration Device developed by Australia Boyt Pty Ltd can take advantage of the existing oil pipeline of reducer to effectively reduce oil contamination caused by various factors, thus prolonging the use period of oil, improving the service life of gearbox and ensuring the smooth operation of reducer.

Main Specifications


  • Voltage: 220V
  • Element type: P165332
  • Pump: 2.5L/M
  • Motor: 5632 (120w)
  • Noise level: <70Db(A)
  • Design pressure: 0.4Mpa
  • Design temperature: 80 ℃
  • Ambient temperature: 40 ℃
  • Weight: 20 kg