Gearbox Cleaning and Maintaining Machine


As an important facility for industrial equipments, the iron fillings caused by gear friction will mainly result into gearbox malfunction such as gear pitting. Generally, the common way to remove the iron filings for most users is to change the lubricants. However, when removing the used lubricants, almost 70% of the iron fillings will sink into the bottom of the gearbox; after filling with new lubricant, gear rotation will absorb the iron fillings from the bottom thus they will bring damage to gear again and shorten the service life of gearbox.


By applying the existent gearbox oil filling and discharging system and filtrated lubricant, Boyt’s gearbox cleaning and maintaining machine can clean the gearbox without changing any structure nor adding any cleanser to secure gearbox safe operation and longer serving life. After finishing the completed cleaning procedure, the percentage of iron fillings in the bottom of the gearbox will be reduced from 70% to 15%. If needed, the above steps can be repeated to ensure a deep cleaning of the gearbox. The gearbox cleaning and maintaining machine designed by Boyt is the first product within industry both at home and abroad. Till now, we have applied 5 patents for Boyt’s gearbox cleaning and maintaining machine, in which, 2 of them are invention patents.

Main Specifications


  • Pressure in the pump exit: ≤2.5Mpa
  • Rated flow of pump: 20mL/r
  • Power Rated voltage: 380V
  • Motor rated power: 1.5kw
  • Oil tank rated volume: 40L