Self-moved Belt Changing Device with Large Power

As the effective transporting equipment, belt conveyors have been widely used in the industries of power, mining, port and metallurgy etc. With the development of belt conveyors with long distance, large capacity and high performance recently, the weight of belt has reached hundreds tons from several tons; therefore, how to install and change belt has become a significant safety problem for belt conveyor manufacturers and users. At present, most belt conveyor users install and change belt by pulling it with hoisters, industrial tractor and even car, but it may result in too speedy hoisting or the control system cannot meet the need of production as well as safety incidents when changing belt. Some domestic fixed small power belt changing device cannot meet the need of belt installing and changing requirements for large power conveyors and their request for multi position operation at wild sites.


By applying Boyt’s hydraulic power system, Boyt’s self-moved belt changing device which can produce 60-100N hoisting force and it can be started stably and adjust belt hoisting speed within 10-12m/min. Overheat and overload protection, as well as local control and remote control are available for the device. Meanwhile it has the functions of sound and light alarm and loudspeaker etc. It can meet the requirement for installing and changing belt safely and it can be used for multi position operation at wild sites and is available for different working conditions.

Main Functions

1.Hydraulic Power System

It solved the problem of uneven speed change and unstable startup. It can meet the demand for low speed and large torque working condition.

2.Implementing and Controlling System

It is equipped with the functions of stepless speed regulation, remote control, local control and overheats as well as overload protection. Belt changing speed can be controlled within 10m/min.

3.Electrical Controlling System and Mobile Loader Device

The integrate laid electrical controlling system and mobile loader device make the machine more flexible to fit different wild working conditions.

4.Humanized Value-added Service

  • Boyt can provide belt changing jigs to fix steel wire and bel;
  • The sound and light alarm device can indicate the equipment’s operating status.
  • Boyt can also provide customers with on site loudspeaker commanding system etc.

Main Features

1.Safe and Reliable

  • The hydraulic power can adjust belt pulling speed to guarantee the equipment’s safe and stable operation. 
  • Overload protection and self lubricating function not only improve safety performance but prolong its service life.

2.Easy to operate

It collects the hydraulic power system, implementing and controlling system, electrical control system and on site alarming system into the same movable car which makes the operation simple.

3.Flexible for Movement

  • It can be controlled remotely and locally. The available distance for remote control can reach 200m. 
  • The mobile loader device can be operated flexibly and suitable for multi position operation. 
  • The lifting device around the belt changing equipment can be used for fixing and hoisting the equipment to secure safe operation.

Major Specifications



  • Rated pulling force (KN): 60
  • Main motor power (KW): 15
  • Rated pulling speed(m/min): 12
  • Rope capacity (m): 200
  • Main drive voltage  (V): 380


  • Rated pulling force (KN): 75
  • Main motor power (KW): 22
  • Rated pulling speed(m/min): 12
  • Rope capacity (m): 200
  • Main drive voltage  (V): 380


  • Rated pulling force (KN): 100
  • Main motor power (KW): 30
  • Rated pulling speed(m/min): 12
  • Rope capacity (m): 200
  • Main drive voltage  (V): 380