Operation and Maintenance Manual for BOYT(AUS)-WBS Backstop

Introduction of BT Series Backstops

If the inclination angle of lifting or upward going is greater than 4°, the conveyor may drop back when it stops. This problem will be more serious when power supply suddenly fails during loaded operation. Therefore, this problem may easily cause personnel injuries or equipment damage. BOYT(AUS)-WBS Series Wedge-type Backstop is an ideal protection device to prevent the back drop of conveying equipment in case of stop or sudden power failure. BOYT(AUS)-WBS Series Wedge-type Backstop can be installed at various locations such as the high speed shaft and low speed shaft of reducer or the extended shaft of belt conveyor's driving pulley. 

BOYT(AUS)-WBS Series Wedge-type Backstop consists mainly the retain ring 1, the inner jacket 2, the outer jacket3, the supporting component 4, and the sealing element 5. The retain ring is imported from Germany mainly consists of wedge pieces. Thanks to its special section shape and mechanical properties, the ring gives the backstop an one-direction braking function with great torque, good backstop effect and safe and reliable performance. The inner jacket and outer jacket mainly serve as the load-bearing parts. They are made of alloy steel through precision machining and special heat treatment. The hardness of their contact surfaces with the retain ring reaches HRC58-62, ensuring the accurate movement, strong load bearing capacity and safe and reliable performance of the backstop. The supporting component is two deep groove ball bearings, which ensures the concentricity of the inner and outer jackets and improves the backstop effect. The sealing element effectively prevents the entry of outside dust and water, thus improving the service life of the backstop.

Australia Boyt Pty Ltd is an expert in the research, development and manufacture of backstop. The BOYT(AUS)-WBS series wedge-type backstops broaden the development field of backstops. This product has gained good reputation among thermal power, metallurgy, port, mines and other industries and produced considerable economic and social benefits. BOYT(AUS)-WBS series wedge-type backstop provides a more solid platform for the company's technical innovation, because dozens of models of BOYT(AUS)-WBS series wedge-type backstop has been developed and put into production including high-speed rotation, low-speed rotation, outside installation and built-in installation ones.